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What sportsbooks does BoneBet offer?

BoneBet offers the most popular sportsbook and betting exchange accounts on the market: Pinnacle Sports and Orbit Exchange.


What does BoneBet earn from my bets?

BoneBet earns a commission on the generated turnover. 


How much does your service costs?

BoneBet’s betting brokerage service is 100% free.


What is the minimum deposit?

€100 for all products.

How can I withdraw funds from my account?

You can request a withdrawal via email (from your betting agent) or on Skype. You need to indicate the following details: Amount, account, and your preferred payment method. Our betting agent will ask security questions and it will take a few minutes to complete withdraw (during working days). 


How long does it take for me to receive my funds once the withdrawal is accepted?

It is usually processed within 24 hours, but please allow up to five working days for the withdrawal to reach your account.


What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal is €100 or what is left on your account. We allow one free withdrawal every 30 days, if you want additional withdrawals within the 30 days, then it is subject to an administrative fee of 2% of the amount withdrawn. You cannot withdraw your money until your turnover is the same amount as your deposit. 


What is the minimum bet amount on Pinnacle?

The minimum bet amount is €25 on Pinnacle sportsbook.


Is my personal information safe with your company?

Yes, it is completely safe. Your account/s will be set up and kept private and secure, while also having your personal information kept fully confidential. We never share any of our customer details with third parties.

Chat with us via         BoneBet Skype

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